Lights in the Sky: Nine Inch Nails in St. Louis

Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08

Synthetic rhythms - Check!

Chest pounding metal - Check!

Mosh pits - Check!

Spectacular light extravaganza - Check!

Sweaty dudes in leather pants - Better believe it!

Nine Inch Nails melted the senses of thousands on Wednesday (August 20, 2008) night at the Scottrade Center in downtown St. Louis. You could say this show had something for everyone. Case in point, my wife simply came along for the ride and just a day later is painting her fingernails black and has already loaded up her iPod with all the NIN she could get a hold of. She calls me up at work the next day letting me know about Trent's struggles with the underground world of alcohol and drug addiction, chronologically telling me her interprutation of his past trials and tribulations. "Yes dear, I know."

My point is this, Trent's live show will turn the modest NIN fan into a die hard. Or at least it did for this young lady -- not that I'm a young lady but my wife is.

Set List:

Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08Lights in the Sky '08

Hulk Smash!

Marvel is quickly "smashing" the BO this summer with another hyped movie release. The early reviews for the new Hulk are trickling in and most everyone that saw it said it was great. I have learned my lesson from Iron Man and will hold judgement on Edward Norton's adaptation until I see it.

There are more easter eggs in this film as there were with Iron Man[1] giving nod to the Captain America and Avenger franchise releases in the coming years[2]. In an interview with AOTS Louis Leterrier suggests an appearance of the Capt'n (along with already known cameos of Tony Stark and Nick Fury) and that Lou Ferrigno lends his hulking voice[3].

I do not remember a year of strong movies at the BO like this in some time. It seems like this year's releases are really testing the nerd wallet. I would maybe make it to one movie a year, but this year I have already seen Iron Man and Indy 4 -- with my money already spoken for in regards to The Dark Knight and The Clone Wars, I may be adding The Incredible Hulk, Sex And The City[4], and Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince[4] to my set list. Unfortunately, this means a couple movies I may have to scratch off my plate are Burn After Reading and Choke.

Headin' to big 'ole Austin, Texas for SXSW 2008!

I'm heading to the great land of TX for SXSW this year. This will be my first of many and I am looking forward to talkin' shoppe with some great minds and personalities. I have always been fascinated by large social gatherings; the parties are great but it's all the stereotypes that play-out in front of your eyes that tickle me. One intriguing thing will be interactions between all the great minds and all the pretenders.


The new site will be rollin' out over the next couple months. shirtRipper's goal is to somehow appeal to the 9 human senses - some directly and others via post-sensory cognition. Appealing to the 9 human senses will be difficult, but when did pessimism get anyone very far.